Big Data Workshop  – Industry and Academia Face-to-Face

The “Big Data Workshop  – Industry and Academia Face-to-Face” is designed in series of peer-to-peer discussion sessions where the most distinguished researchers and experts, working with data science both in practice and academia, will sit together, exchange points of view and discuss different challenges, issues and methods applied in the field.

The workshop is open to students, and industry people. The participation in the workshop requires a ticket, for participants not already being a sponsor of the event, or taking part in the organization.

Industry ticket:  50 EUR

Student ticket: 20 EUR

Workshop format:

  • Three discussion sessions scheduled during the workshop,
  • 9 topics, each topic is repeated once (giving participants more opportunity to join the first choice discussion topic at some point during the afternoon),
  • Six different topics per discussion session,
  • Discussion session duration 45 minutes,
  • Group discussion 25 minutes, moderator’s summary presentation 20 minutes (around 3 minutes per moderator),
  • Peer-to-peer learning,
  • Maximum 9 seats per discussion,
  • One moderator per topic in each discussion session.

Workshop duration: two and a half hours

Maximum number of participants: 54

Topic Moderator Institution
Data Science vs. Machine Learning Neda Pištinjat Microsoft
Data Science for financial and marketing applications Marko Bohanec Jožef Stefan Institute
Multi-target predictions Grigorios Tsoumakas Aristotle University of Thessaloniki
Knowledge Discovery from Sensor Data Zoran Obradović Temple University
Health data analytics Gregor Štiglic University of Maribor
Graph analytics Nitesh Chawla University of Notre Dame
Heterogeneous source data analytics Blaž Zupan University of Ljubljana
Big data and computational issues Sašo Džeroski Jožef Stefan Institute
Data Science from temporal data Pedja Nešković Office for Naval Research Global