Process Analytics – Make it Work!


Business Process Analytics is a set of techniques that can be applied to event datasets created by logging the execution of business processes, and emerges as a promising decision support field. In this lecture, we will walk through a roadmap about delivering a process analytics project. After putting Process Analytics in context, we will discuss the main phases and the most frequent actions of a project, along with practical examples. Rather than presenting a generic methodology, the lecture aims at bringing forward common obstacles that researchers/practitioners meet, and discuss the relevant solutions. Finally, some considerations about the future trends conclude the talk.

About the lecturer

Pavlos Delias is an Associate Professor of Management Information Systems at the Eastern Macedonia and Thrace Institute of Technology (formerly TEI of Kavala), Greece, and a visiting Professor at University Paris Dauphine ((PARIS IX). He holds a jointly supervised PhD (September 2009) in Informatics from both Technical Univesrity of Crete and University Paris Dauphine. His research interests are in the areas of process analytics, decision support, and multiple criteria analysis. He has contributed to numerous projects as a research associate, published several works, and he is member of the scientific organizations EURO and HAICTA.



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Pavlos Delias (GRE)