Service Quality Assurance for Cloud-based Data-intensive Applications


Since the software development market expects to be dominated by data-intensive cloud applications in the next years, there is now an urgent need for novel, highly productive, software engineering methodologies. Methods and tools that help satisfying quality requirements in data-intensive applications by iterative enhancement of their architecture design are under development in research projects like DICE ( The latest proposes to monitored data acquired during testing and operation is deeply analysed to find quality pitfalls and outliers, which will lead to identify quality anti-patterns in the architecture and downstream design. The talk will be focused on the state-of-the-art and the DICE solution to the service quality assurance problem.

About the lecturer

Dana Petcu (Mrs., PhD) is Professor at Computer Science Department and vice-rector responsible with international relationships at West University of Timisoara, scientific manager of its supercomputing center, and CEO of the research spin-off Institute e-Austria Timisoara. Her interest in distributed and parallel computing is reflected in more than two hundred papers about Cloud, Grid, Cluster or HPC computing. She is and was involved in several projects funded by European Commission and other research funding agencies, as coordinator, scientific coordinator, or local team leader. She is chief editor of the open-access journal Scalable Computing: Practice and Experience


Dana Petcu (ROU)