Data science is an interdisciplinary research area that includes methodologies of machine learning, data mining, pattern recognition, visualization, data engineering and other disciplines. In recent years data science methods were successfully applied to a large range of areas including health, biology, climate, marketing, etc....

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The two-day Forum (June 20-21) consists of six invited talks sessions (with a total of 17 talks), one industry-academia workshop and one researcher funding workshop. Industry and prospective data science students will have plenty opportunities for networking with data scientists from



The book of abstracts can be downloaded from this link. The 17 invited speakers are: Marko Bohanec (SLO), Nitesh Chawla (USA), Pavlos Delias (GRE), Saso Dzeroski (SLO),  Ljupco Kocarev (MKD), Miodrag Mihaljevic (SRB), Veljko Milutinovic (SRB), Predrag Neskovic (USA), Mladen



The Forum invited talks and the panel discussion will take place at the University of Belgrade, Faculty of Organizational Sciences , in Belgrade, Serbia. The Workshop “Big Data Workshop  – Industry and Academia Face-to-Face” will take place at Hotel M,

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